Chapter one, Love stories. / by Nogani Moore


And my story begins,

Wrapped up in excitement, my belly full of knots. I let go of any expectations and booked it. Three months away from work, from home and another frosty Melbourne winter. I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing, but the universe seems to be telling me I am.

Everything feels like its falling into place, even the two days travel it took me to get to India were easy. I'm no Psychic but I can see the signs that are in front of me. The ones that are hidden in the details; like every time I reached the rotation belt after a flight my luggage would be sitting pretty or just when I think I'm lost, someone leads be to where I am supposed to be. Maybe its just luck, but from where I am standing its reinsurance that this is where I'm supposed to be. 

My new environment is vibrate, dull, rich, poor, cultured, futuristic, dated, It's everything I think it is and the opposite too. The diversity has sparked some thing in me and its obvious why the signs have lead me here. LOVE! 

Life was full in Melbourne, I found it hard to find my balance. I would often tell myself I wanted to work more creatively, to work for love, but my reality was that I was consumed by working for money. 

Like many other creatives, I’m most happy when I’m shooting for love. Also, like many other creatives, I forgot to make the time for the personal projects that I find so fulfilling. I was lacking the most important thing, balance. 

I remember now that I wanted to be a story teller, an author with out words, I hoped for my images to touch people. But as time passed, I put this part of myself in a smaller box to allow more room to make more money. Until one day I realised that the last time I shot for love was that of a distance memory, it hit me hard. 

How can I take photos every day & feel so distant?
I realised the need to reconnect, to regain the balance that I've lost. To find my love, bring it back, hold on to it tightly and ever loose it again. 

Suddenly I could see that if nothing changes then nothing changes, so now I’m in India. This is where I'll find some balance and my stories are those only of love. 

With that being said, welcome to my space, this is where I'll be sharing weekly & welcome you to join in my journey. Images of what I think make the world beautiful, stories of all the things that make me feel something.  

This space is where ‘My love stories’ begin…