Chapter one, Love stories. by Nogani Moore

And my story begins,

Wrapped up in excitement, I could feel my belly full of knots. I let go of any expectations and booked it. Three months away from work, from home and another frosty Melbourne winter. I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing, but all signs kept pushing me in the direction that let me know that I was.

Every thing fell into place, even the two days travel it took me to get here were easy. I came off the plane and every time my luggage would be on the rotation belt by the time I got to it.

I’m excited, to create, to share, but mainly to have time on my hands. Life was full in Melbourne, I found it hard to find my balance. I would often tell myself I wanted to work more creatively, do more work for myself, work for love. But in my reality I was consumed by working for money.

I’m most happy when I’m working for love, it allows me to have complete creative control and roll in whichever direction feels good. It gives me the power to tell a story the way I see it, it’s my expression and the reason I moved to the city years ago. As time past, I put this part of myself in a smaller box to allow more room to grow my business & to make more money.

I felt that if nothing changes then nothing changes, so now I’m in India. This is where ill find some balance and my stories are only of love.

This is where ‘My love stories’ begin…